facebox – the world’s smallest social network

Posted on Oktober 10, 2011 by furmaster

Friends: How many of them do you have? On facebook the „how many“ seems to be more important then the „who“. For some facebook users the amount of friends seems to be an indicator of their own popularity. But how can you have a deep relationship with hundreds of friends? It‘s just impossible!

It‘s time to make a change: Erase your facebook account today and switch over to facebox! With facebox it‘s easy: By stucking your head into one of this old computer monitors – a relict of an almost lost office culture – you will dive into this real world network and it‘s quite simple: There just two options: To have one friend or no friend!

One friend. If another person comes along talk to him/her, share your similarities, dreams, emotions and laugh together. Just have fun and feel the warm atmosphere of talking to a real person. The facebook-like interior and a friendly voice will help socialnetwork geeks to reactivate their their social skills.

No friend because nobody is coming. This will give you the unique chance to think over your self and why you spend hours and days on facebook instead of going out into the real world and meet your friends in person. It‘s not to late. Facebox will help you. Do you like it ?

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